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To the land of Expectations, Expectations, Expectations!
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Seriously though, I'm super stoked to have you here! If
you're a regular around here, thanks so much for
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  • Amber Lynn Benton

    I have finally gotten the hang of Thunderbird and multiple email addresses and now have only one super secret email that about 10 people have that forwards to my phone. When I first started this I had way over 10,000 emails in my inbox and told Amanda I felt like I was in a box. I'm now out of the box and I love it!

  • April of Blacksburg Belle

    Since working with Amanda Sue, I've been able to focus on the things I love to do: teaching, writing, photography and creating watercolors. I handed over a bunch of tasks with confidence, because Amanda Sue knows how to work within my brand. She's great at adapting within the parameters of your business, making life and business so much easier. During preparation for my latest launch, Amanda Sue was invaluable to me. Without her, I wouldn't have been able to take breaks or catch my breath. Knowing that someone is working behind the scenes, making your business more successful is the BEST feeling. Knowing that you can just hand over tasks to someone who knows what she's doing is even better. That's what you get with Amanda Sue.

  • Kristin of We All Knit Here

    Amanda is a wonderful coach and mentor. She is a creative herself so she understands my work and what I'm trying to achieve, but she's also full of ideas and business know-how so when I come to her with various problems and concerns, she's able to knock aside a lot of the fluff that I'm looking at and show me the bigger picture. She's incredibly supportive, and encourages me to raise prices, host my own content, and put myself out there so that I can succeed. If you're running a creative business, I highly recommend Amanda's unique blend of business and creative/unicorn wrangling.

  • Aimee of Hearth & Caravan

    Working with Amanda Sue for 5 weeks intensely propelled my business forward, into actual existence from mere inklings in my brain. I went from not even knowing the direction of my blog, to less than a month after our last call preparing to launch a brand new online shop, blogging with intention and regularity, and feeling more focused than I ever have in my entire life. Amanda has a way of seeing straight through all the chatter and conversation to plucking out exactly what you mean, and where you should go from there. At the time, I was surprised that the weekly lists we made together were so do-able and simple, but looking back I can see that those simple tasks I might never have gotten to if I were working on this by myself.

  • Emily of Terminal Distraction

    I gained some valuable tools while working with Amanda.  Maybe the most important one is that I have abandoned my strict hourly scheduling system for a simple to do list.   I end each day not only feeling like I’ve accomplished more, but actually having accomplished more.  And as a bonus, I usually have a starting point for the next day.  Basically I’ve become more focused by being less structured, and it’s not something I would have figured out for myself.
    Amanda also helped get me rolling with Twitter, which I had zero idea how to use.  I have a better understanding of what content to share and how to gain valuable followers on the platform without having to spread myself too thin.
  • Alycia Neighbours

    I’ve been given a lot of gifts, but managing organization is not one of them. Amanda was able to effortlessly stand in those gaps and guide me along the steps of not just organizing my busy schedules, but helping me create passion in my ideas within my own heart and those around me.

    A unique viewpoint and the ability to not just think outside the box, but destroy the limitations put on us by thinking our creations can be boxed, Amanda’s heart for helping others achieve more than they thought possible shines in all she does.

  • Kari Yasi

    Amanda Howell is one amazing powerhouse! She is constantly and consistently working to help you make YOUR business a success. I’ve used Amanda Sue Howell LLC for several different projects (for a couple different businesses!) and she always deliver on-time and professionally. There is nothing this woman doesn’t know (or isn’t willing to learn) to help you reach your goals. If you’re serious about being professional, time-efficient and successful, it would be wise to invest in what Amanda Sue Howell has to offer.