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5 Tips For Scheduling In Creative Work | Amanda Sue Howell |

5 Tips For Scheduling In Creative Work

Babies are strange little creatures. I mean it! They require feedings, and baths, and changing...and strangest of all, they require it all over again later. ;) Obviously, I'm joking, and given that she's our 5th child, I do somewhat have this … [Read More...]

Life Is Messy (Cause Plans Change!) - Amanda Sue Howell -

Life is Messy (Cause Plans Change!)

When last we met, I told you my amazing plans to conquer 2015. And in "life is messy" fashion, those plans have gotten a slower start than planned. Just after that post was written, we had a visit with our midwife, who informed us that our … [Read More...]

The Magic of Gift Wrapping | Amanda Sue Howell |

The Magic of Gift Wrapping

  Did you ever receive the perfect gift? The kind that looked like it was wrapped by angels? Y'know what I mean...the kind that has beautifully coordinated bow & paper, or maybe it's got a soft sheer ribbon holding it together, or maybe … [Read More...]